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Donate to SEGO

Please donate and support our projects

Fujisawa Beach Clean-up

Organic Farming at Shonan

Cacao Collective


Our projects and programs happen because of the generosity of people like you. And for that, we thank you.

Why Donate? 

In general, donating to any cause that you believe in makes you feel good. It fuels your passion as you can contribute to the mission and be part of the change. It makes a genuine impact and it is tax-deductible. SEGO Initiative is a not-for-profit general incorporated association. In Japan, donations are tax-deductible and are considered general donations.

Your donations fund our programs and projects.

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A. Ocean Youth education program for students and teachers to provide hands-on learning activities that connect the classroom to real life experiences. 

A donation of ¥15000+ supports the participation of a student and teacher 


B. Awareness raising through art & film  and public education programming

A donation of ¥10000 helps support programming for awareness activities.


C. Beach cleanups and immersive SEA / local ocean conservation experiences 

A donation of ¥7500 supports the removal of 5kg of beach debris from our local beach as well as participation in a local immersive SEA experience.

D. Public Education: Citizen Science, Themed Webinars

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A. Local area volunteer opportunities to match farmers and volunteers 

A donation of ¥15000+ supports the creation of a database


B. Awareness raising about the cocoa value chain through art & film, hands-on activities and  public education

A donation of ¥10000 helps support programming for awareness activities.


C. Public education programming for land and sea connections

A donation of ¥5000 supports the participation of youth and families in a local immersive area  agricultural experiences.

Be an anonymous donor or donate & receive a receipt. Please contact us with your email address and your name.

Account Name(名義)

一般社団法人SEGO Initiative

イッパンシャダンホウジン セゴ イニシヤテイブ

Bank Name(銀行名)

Yokohama Bank


Branch Name(支店名)

Kugenuma Branch


Account Type & Number(口座種類・口座番号)

Ordinary Savings Account- 6033054

普通預金 口座番号- 6033054


Turn your cryptocurrency in a way to help raise awareness 


BTC to  3BwAiT5bvcDkqTUhz8wp2YraN2SsqKXGPb
ETH  to  0xc67363dfae741b9662991adc74c2c07bf70cbe2d



More ways to support us:

Volunteer and help us spread the word
Start a Fundraising Campaign
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