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Save The Date

2023 Events

 SEGO events range from dedicated activities for corporate partners and students to public programming like exhibitions, webinars, art exhibitions, music, film, cleanups and social media challenges.  


Events include:

Citizen Science Research Days with hands on educational orientations.

Ocean Community Trivia Challenges with a Q and A from members of the global ocean community posted on our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Beach Cleanups for corporate volunteers, students and members of the local community.


Timing is usually around several key international days, for example  Earth Day, UN World Oceans Day event, World Biodiversity Day.


For more information, please check this page. You can also take a look at our Instagram feed (below), visit our Art and Sustainability website, Expo Mer Fujisawa.

Webinar Events continue on

Next event is


June 8 World Oceans Day Art & Film 

Designed to deliver Ocean inspiration to you! 

Featuring a selection of art and film, you  are invited to do a deep dive into our  relationships with the ocean. 

The theme for 2023 is Planet Ocean: Times are changing. Time to put the ocean first.

For more information and to support us, please contact us here.

Ongoing Events


Fund-raising events and challenges. 

 #CreateWaves #CreateChanges is our  thought provoking catalyst to  educate, inspire and ignite the public. It expresses a statement that is  both collective and immersive.  

With our local bay and island as the natural stage, the goal is to create an outdoor art  exhibition and activity space that touches all the senses ( visual, sound, taste, etc) and  brings the life below and above water to life.

And we plan to bring this digitally to the city.


We are currently inviting partners who would like to support us with fundraising challenge events.

For information, please contact us.

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