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Hands, Heads and Hearts to Nature

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness around the environmental challenges that face us and the ocean, their systemic interconnectedness, and socio-economic implications.​ SEGO Initiative is a platform for people who are passionate about making positive changes. We believe that solutions to global challenges start locally so we support grassroots activities that have a measurable positive impact on the community and the environment. When everything seems impossible, we look for the "what can be done" moments. We know that "the world's greatest challenges will never be solved by one person, one team, or one company." So we gather partners and work as a team. SEGO Initiative helps us find answers to the question: “What can we do to make things better?” It helps us all do our small part. And when we act together, great things can happen. At SEGO Initiative, we create family-friendly grassroots immersive experiences to connect hands,  heads and hearts to nature. Educate. Engage. Ignite. Inspire.


Michel and Alana BONZI
Founding Representative Directors

SEGO Initiative was founded by Alana and Michel Bonzi. It has grown out of the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project, a local grassroots project started in 2009.


"We are part of both the local and foreign community, and over the years we’ve looked for ways to bridge the two. SEGO Initiative is that bridge, a space to bring ideas, energy and passion together, to help others, to be useful, to connect and to belong."


Some of our supporters

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Fujisawa Beach Clean

The Project involves a large-scale, biannual beach, park, and jinja cleanups. The cleanups are held in Spring (Earth Day) and Fall (International Coastal Cleanup Campaign) on the Fujisawa Enoshima coast in Shonan. These family-friendly beach cleanups include collecting data on marine debris, and a networking aperitif afterward.

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Organic Farming in Shonan

Inspired by Slow Food International and the Edible School Yard Project, Organic Farming in Shonan Project is about helping local organic farmers, understand the natural food cycle and appreciate the pleasure of good fresh food.

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Cacao Collective Project

The Cacao Collective Project focuses on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.​ With cacao and chocolate as central points, the Project aims to connect cocoa producers, chocolate makers and consumers. The focus is to connect small scale farmers to seasoned experts to facilitate an exchange of knowledge.

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