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Alana Bonzi

In Japan since 1996, Trinidadian born, Canadian, Alana, lives in Fujisawa. She  arrived with her husband, Michel in Kagoshima. Then, in 2001, she began  teaching at Keio University, and completed her second Masters degree, MBA  with a research focus in corporate social responsibility. Past interim director of  the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Alana co-founded SEGO  Initiative, a not for profit association, with Michel, her husband. 


Michel Bonzi

In Japan since 1996, Michel lives in Fujisawa. Originally from Nice, Cote D’Azur,  France, he arrived to Kyushu with his wife, Alana, and began teaching French as  a Foreign Language there. In 2004, he founded Soleil Provence, a private French  language school in Kugenuma Matsugaoka, Fujisawa. And in 2016, he became  an exclusive Japan agent for the French designed TIWAL sailing dinghies. In  2009, he began the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project with Alana and then in 2014  co-founded SEGO Initiative. 

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